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The Agasalle nursery school works on an active methodology based on art installations. Its facilities are full of diverse experiences where the important thing is the child as the protagonist. Our hallmark is the creation of these installations which are built to offer the little ones different sensations, surprises and emotions through a fundamental element which is play.

Agasalle, with its desire for improvement and a new method of educating through nature and spaces combined with artistic installations, aims to accompany each boy and girl with their different growth rates in different classrooms, adapting spaces, toys, and projects, and turning the classrooms themselves into an environment of energy, creativity, and freedom of movement.

Another view where new generations are stimulated with excitement, waiting times, growth rates and creative experiences.

Agasalle Values:

Active pedagogy
Flexibility and transparency
Languages, first steps
Nature and recycling
Music and sport – Motor skills
Healthy and balanced diet
Safetly, love
And joy
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