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“AXente Corrente”, focuses essentially on the issue of road safety, and particularly on the role of the boys and girls themselves and the relationship that exists between them and the cityand how, based on their own experiences, they become “agents” who are protagonists of their own learning.

The project aXente Corrente is based on family dialogue, with the school and city to promote the exchange of information and experience. In this way, materials are generated in which, from a positive aspect in road safety, road problems related to children are openly, sincerely, and accurately communicated and problems are responded to with tools like the one we present. With this approach, activities will be carried out to learn and reinforce the concepts of road safety education based on teaching units provided to educational centres which are equipped with models for practical exercises in the classroom. As a recreational learning activity, it took place in more than 30 educational musical events in the centres of the autonomous community of Galicia, based on the album “We are all aXente Corrente” to establish the contents, objectives and skills acquired in the tasks of the teaching units.

Children learn by playing, and listening to this album in the family environment encourages dialogue and the exchange of experiences and also stimulates reflection and the thinking process on the part of the child. This activity is drawn from an approach to the educational process, which has emotional education and values as pedagogical references, focused on the development of the potential and abilities of boys and girls and each of the multiple intelligences that are present in every child. For all these reasons, we see it as essential that all this work developed in the classroom with the teachers has continuity in their homes, and each student participating in this program will have their own album “We are all aXente Corrente”.

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